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PHANTOMAS(4)         NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual         PHANTOMAS(4)

phantomas -- Phantom PseudoBC GSC+ Port
phantomas* at mainbus0 sti* at phantomas? lasi* at phantomas? dino* at phantomas?
Phantom bus convertor used to connect a sti(4) graphics, a hppa/lasi(4) bus host adapter for hppa/gsc(4) and a PCI bridge hppa/dino(4) to the system bus, where hppa/cpu(4) and memory are located.
The Phantom bus convertor is used in conjunction with the PA7300LC CPU in this machines: 744/* 748/* A180[C] B132L[+], B160L, B180L+ C132L, C160L D220, D230, D320, D330 RDI PrecisionBook
hppa/cpu(4), hppa/dino(4), hppa/gsc(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/lasi(4), sti(4)
The phantomas driver appeared in OpenBSD 3.3. It was ported to NetBSD 2.0 by Jochen Kunz. NetBSD 9.1 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.1
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