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GSCKBC(4)            NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual            GSCKBC(4)

gsckbc -- GSC PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface
gsckbc* at gsc? pckbd* at gsckbc? pms* at gsckbc?
The gsckbc device is a machine dependent front end to the pckbport(9) interface. It attaches to the GSC PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface found in LASI chips.
gsckbc_attach: can't map I/O space The driver was not able to map the device registers during attachment. The device will not be usable. can't find master device An error occurred during attachment of the key- board port so the mouse port can't be attached too.
hppa/gsc(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/io(4), hppa/lasi(4), pckbport(9)
The gsckbc driver appeared in NetBSD 2.0.
Jochen Kunz
Actually the two PS/2 ports are a single device and share a single inter- rupt. The firmware lists them as individual devices in the firmware device tree. This illusion is kept to map the firmware device tree as close as possible to the kernel device tree. The first device is caled master, gets the interrupt and the other is the slave. Assumption: Mas- ter attaches first, gets the interrupt and has lower HPA. So it is important that the master device, usually the keyboard port, attaches first to make the slave, usually the mouse port, usable. NetBSD 9.1 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.1
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