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USTORE(9)              NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual              USTORE(9)

ustore, ustore_8, ustore_16, ustore_32, ustore_64, ustore_char, ustore_short, ustore_int, ustore_long, ustore_ptr -- store data in user- space
#include <sys/systm.h> int ustore_8(const uint8_t *uaddr, uint8_t val); int ustore_16(const uint16_t *uaddr, uint16_t val); int ustore_32(const uint32_t *uaddr, uint32_t val); int ustore_64(const uint64_t *uaddr, uint64_t val); int ustore_char(const unsigned char *uaddr, unsigned char val); int ustore_short(const unsigned short *uaddr, unsigned short val); int ustore_int(const unsigned int *uaddr, unsigned int val); int ustore_long(const unsigned long *uaddr, unsigned long val); int ustore_ptr(const void **uaddr, void *val);
The ustore functions provide a way to store a value to single memory cells in user-space. In each case, the value val is stored in the user- space memory location referenced by uaddr. The ustore_64 function is only available on systems employing the `LP64' memory model, which can be determined by testing for the presence of the _LP64 C preprocessor macro.
The ustore functions return 0 on success and an error number on failure.
copy(9), ufetch(9) NetBSD 9.1 March 18, 2019 NetBSD 9.1
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