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PROP_SEND_IOCTL(3)      NetBSD Library Functions Manual     PROP_SEND_IOCTL(3)

prop_array_send_ioctl, prop_array_recv_ioctl, prop_dictionary_send_ioctl, prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl, prop_dictionary_sendrecv_ioctl -- Send and receive property lists to and from the kernel using ioctl
#include <prop/proplib.h> int prop_array_send_ioctl(prop_array_t array, int fd, unsigned long cmd); int prop_array_recv_ioctl(int fd, unsigned long cmd, prop_array_t *arrayp); int prop_dictionary_send_ioctl(prop_dictionary_t dict, int fd, unsigned long cmd); int prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl(int fd, unsigned long cmd, prop_dictionary_t *dictp); int prop_dictionary_sendrecv_ioctl(prop_dictionary_t dict, int fd, unsigned long cmd, prop_dictionary_t *dictp);
The prop_array_send_ioctl(), prop_array_recv_ioctl(), prop_dictionary_send_ioctl(), prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl(), and prop_dictionary_sendrecv_ioctl() functions implement the user space side of a protocol for sending property lists to and from the kernel using ioctl(2).
If successful, functions return zero. Otherwise, an error number is returned to indicate the error.
The following (simplified) example demonstrates using prop_dictionary_send_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl() in an application: void foo_setprops(prop_dictionary_t dict) { int fd; fd = open("/dev/foo", O_RDWR, 0640); if (fd == -1) return; (void) prop_dictionary_send_ioctl(dict, fd, FOOSETPROPS); (void) close(fd); } prop_dictionary_t foo_getprops(void) { prop_dictionary_t dict; int fd; fd = open("/dev/foo", O_RDONLY, 0640); if (fd == -1) return (NULL); if (prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl(fd, FOOGETPROPS, &dict) != 0) return (NULL); (void) close(fd); return (dict); } The prop_dictionary_sendrecv_ioctl() function combines the send and receive functionality, allowing for ioctls that require two-way communi- cation (for example to specify arguments for the ioctl operation).
prop_array_send_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_send_ioctl() will fail if: [ENOMEM] Cannot allocate memory [ENOTSUP] Not supported prop_array_recv_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl() will fail if: [EIO] Input/output error [ENOTSUP] Not supported In addition to these, ioctl(2) errors may be returned.
prop_array(3), prop_dictionary(3), proplib(3), prop_copyin_ioctl(9)
The proplib(3) property container object library first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. NetBSD 9.1 January 21, 2008 NetBSD 9.1
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