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BTHSET(1)               NetBSD General Commands Manual               BTHSET(1)

bthset -- Bluetooth Headset utility
bthset [-v] [-c command] [-m mixer] [-p file] [-s channel] bthset [-h]
The bthset utility is used to access a Bluetooth Headset with the btsco(4) audio device. It opens the mixer(4) device and creates the con- trol connection to the headset, then conducts volume settings each way. When bthset receives a SIGUSR1 signal, it will start sending RING codes to the headset until the headset button is pressed or a SIGUSR2 signal is received. If the headset is ringing and bthset receives a button press notification, the specified command (if any) is executed. When the server channel is specified with the -s option, instead of open- ing the control connection, bthset will listen on the channel for incom- ing connections from the Headset and register as Headset Audio Gateway with the local SDP server. The options are as follows: -c command Specify an optional command to be executed when the headset responds to ringing with a button press event. This defaults to the contents of the BTHSET_COMMAND environment variable, if set. -h Print usage message. -m mixer Specify the path to the mixer device. This defaults to the con- tents of the BTHSET_MIXER environment variable, or /dev/mixer if not set. -p file Write the PID to file so that other programs can find us later. This defaults to the contents of the BTHSET_PIDFILE environment variable, if set. -s channel Register with the local SDP server as a Headset Audio Gateway and listen for connections on the given RFCOMM server channel. -v Be verbose.
The bthset utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
btsco(4), mixer(4)
Iain Hibbert for Itronix, Inc NetBSD 9.1 July 26, 2006 NetBSD 9.1
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