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GRFUL(4)             NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual            GRFUL(4)

grful -- 8-bit color graphics driver
grful* at zbus0 grf4 at grful? ite4 at grf4
The grful is a driver for the A2410, a TMS34010 based color graphics board. It supports the minimal ioctl's needed to run X11, but doesn't provide a mappable framebuffer, so special X servers are needed. A standard ITE terminal emulator is supported on one of the overlay planes.
The grful interface supports the following ZorroII expansion card: A2410 A Zorro II only card with the TMS34010 processor. From the University of Lowell, manufacturer 1030, product 0.
/dev/grf4 graphics interface special file /dev/grfim4 graphics interface special file for accessing images /dev/grfov4 graphics interface special file for overlays /dev/ttye4 console interface special file for the internal terminal emulator
amiga/console(4), amiga/ite(4), amiga/grfconfig(8)
The grful interface first appeared in NetBSD 1.1.
grful does not allow setting graphics modes with amiga/grfconfig(8). NetBSD 9.1 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.1
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