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PCAP_GETERR(3)                                                  PCAP_GETERR(3)

pcap_geterr, pcap_perror - get or print libpcap error message text
#include <pcap/pcap.h> char *pcap_geterr(pcap_t *p); void pcap_perror(pcap_t *p, const char *prefix);
pcap_geterr() returns the error text pertaining to the last pcap library error. NOTE: the pointer it returns will no longer point to a valid error message string after the pcap_t passed to it is closed; you must use or copy the string before closing the pcap_t. pcap_perror() prints the text of the last pcap library error on stderr, prefixed by prefix.
pcap(3) 15 January 2016 PCAP_GETERR(3)
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