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netgroup -- defines network groups
The netgroup file specifies ``netgroups'', which are sets of (host, user, domain) tuples that are to be given similar network access. Each line in the file consists of a netgroup name followed by a list of the members of the netgroup. Each member can be either the name of another netgroup or a specification of a tuple as follows: (host, user, domain) where the host, user, and domain are character string names for the cor- responding component. Any of the comma separated fields may be empty to specify a ``wildcard'' value or may consist of the string ``-'' to spec- ify ``no valid value''. The members of the list may be separated by whitespace; the ``\'' character may be used at the end of a line to spec- ify line continuation. The functions specified in getnetgrent(3) should normally be used to access the netgroup database. If `files' is specified for the `netgroup' database in nsswitch.conf(5), (or no `netgroup' entry is specified), then these functions operate on the db(3) version of the netgroup (netgroup.db) file which can be gener- ated using netgroup_mkdb(8). If `nis' is specified then the NIS maps `netgroup', `netgroup.byhost', and `netgroup.byuser' are used. Lines that begin with a # are treated as comments.
/etc/netgroup.db the netgroup database.
The file format is compatible with that of various vendors, however it appears that not all vendors use an identical format.
getnetgrent(3), exports(5), nsswitch.conf(5), netgroup_mkdb(8)
The interpretation of access restrictions based on the member tuples of a netgroup is left up to the various network applications. NetBSD 9.0 January 16, 1999 NetBSD 9.0
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