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PW_LOCK(3)              NetBSD Library Functions Manual             PW_LOCK(3)

pw_lock, pw_mkdb, pw_abort, pw_setprefix, pw_getprefix -- passwd file update functions
System Utilities Library (libutil, -lutil)
#include <util.h> int pw_lock(int retries); int pw_mkdb(const char *username, int secureonly); void pw_abort(void); int pw_setprefix(const char *new_prefix); const char * pw_getprefix(void);
The pw_lock(), pw_mkdb(), and pw_abort() functions allow a program to update the system passwd database. The pw_lock() function attempts to lock the passwd database by creating the file /etc/ptmp, and returns the file descriptor of that file. If retries is greater than zero, pw_lock() will try multiple times to open /etc/ptmp, waiting one second between tries. In addition to being a lock file, /etc/ptmp will also hold the contents of the new passwd file. The pw_mkdb() function updates the passwd file from the contents of /etc/ptmp. You should finish writing to and close the file descriptor returned by pw_lock() before calling pw_mkdb(). If pw_mkdb() fails and you do not wish to retry, you should make sure to call pw_abort() to clean up the lock file. If the username argument is not NULL, only data- base entries pertaining to the specified user will be modified. If the secureonly argument is non-zero, only the secure database will be updated. The pw_abort() function aborts a passwd file update by deleting /etc/ptmp. The passwd database remains unchanged. The pw_setprefix() function defines the root directory used for passwd file updates. If the prefix is set to /newroot pw_lock() will operate on /newroot/etc/ptmp afterwards. The default prefix is an empty string. The pw_getprefix() function returns the root directory which is currently used for passwd file updates.
The pw_lock() and pw_mkdb() functions return -1 if they are unable to complete properly.
/etc/master.passwd /etc/ptmp
pw_init(3), pwd_mkdb(8) NetBSD 9.0 February 17, 2007 NetBSD 9.0
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