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hpacel -- HP 3D DriveGuard accelerometer
hpacel* at acpi?
The hpacel device driver supports accelerometers that are commonly avail- able in Hewlett-Packard laptops. The supported chip is LIS3LV02DL from STMicroelectronics, although other chips from the same family, such as LIS3LV02DQ, may also work, provided that the vendor has implemented suit- able ACPI access methods. The hpacel driver reports the acceleration readings of the X-, Y-, and Z- axis via the envsys(4) API and the envstat(8) command.
acpi(4), aps(4), hpqlb(4), wmihp(4) STMicroelectronics, LIS3LV02DL: 3-Axis - 2g/6g digital output low voltage linear accelerometer. AN2381 Application Note, Revision 1, http://www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/anp/12441.pdf, June, 2006.
The hpacel device driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0.
Jukka Ruohonen <jruohonen@iki.fi>
The used accelerometer chip is capable of generating wake-up, direction detection, and free-fall interrupts. In the ideal situation these could be used to evoke possible emergency action. However, the hpacel driver only reports the readings from the accelerometer via sysmon_envsys(9). NetBSD 9.0 September 7, 2011 NetBSD 9.0
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