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daily, daily.conf -- daily maintenance
The /etc/daily script is run, by default, every night on a NetBSD system. The /etc/daily.conf file specifies which of the standard daily services are performed. The variables described below can be set to ``YES'' or ``NO'' in the /etc/daily.conf file. Most default to ``YES'', but not all. Check the /etc/defaults/daily.conf file if you are in doubt. (Note that you should never edit /etc/defaults/daily.conf directly, as it is often replaced during system upgrades.) find_core This runs find(1) over the entire local filesystem, looking for core files. run_msgs This runs msgs(1) with the -c argument. expire_news This runs the /etc/expire.news script. purge_accounting This ages accounting files in /var/account. run_calendar This runs calendar(1) with the -a argument. check_disks This uses the df(1) and dump(8) to give disk status, and also reports failed raid(4) compo- nents. show_remote_fs In check_disks, show remote file systems, which are not reported on by default. check_mailq This runs mailq(1). check_network This runs netstat(1) with the -i argument, and also checks the rwhod(8) database, and runs ruptime(1) if there are hosts in /var/rwho. full_netstat By default, check_network outputs a summarized version of the netstat(1) report. If a full version of the output run with the -inv options is desired, set this variable. run_fsck This runs fsck(8) with the -n option. run_rdist This runs rdist(1) with /etc/Distfile. run_security This runs the /etc/security script looking for possible security problems with the system. run_skeyaudit Runs the skeyaudit(1) program to check the S/Key database and informs users of S/Keys that are about to expire. run_makemandb If the /etc/man.conf file exists, runs the makemandb(8) utility to update the man.db database for use by apropos(1). fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities Refreshes the local database of package vul- nerabilities. See the settings in security.conf(5) for details on the actual package checks. The variables described below can be set to modify the tests: find_core_ignore_fstypes Lists filesystem types to ignore during the find_core phase. Prefixing the type with a `!' inverts the match. For example, `procfs !local' will ignore `procfs' type filesystems and filesystems that are not `local'. find_core_ignore_paths Lists paths to ignore during the find_core phase. For example, `/export' will not descend into any directories under the `/export' hierarchy. This, on a file server, allows to skip user data while still scanning system files. run_fsck_flags Extra options to be passed to fsck(8) if run_fsck is enabled. send_empty_security If set, the report generated by the run_security phase will always be sent, even if it is empty. pkgdb_dir DEPRECATED. Please set PKGDB_DIR in pkg_install.conf(5) instead. If defined, points to the location of the packages database. Defaults to /var/db/pkg.
/etc/daily daily maintenance script /etc/daily.conf daily maintenance configuration /etc/defaults/daily.conf default settings, overridden by /etc/daily.conf /etc/daily.local local site additions to /etc/daily
monthly(5), security.conf(5), weekly(5)
The /etc/daily.conf file appeared in NetBSD 1.3. NetBSD 9.0 July 30, 2012 NetBSD 9.0
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