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GXIO(4)                 NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                GXIO(4)

gxio -- driver for Gumstix onboard I/O interface
The gxio driver supports several different expansion boards. Those boards have to be configured either by kernel option or using boot time parameter. The supported extension boards is system specific. gxio is available for OMAP based Overo/DouVero and Pepper as well as for XScale based Gumstix boards. To setup the expansion board on boot the parameter ``expansion'' for OMAP and XScale can be used. Additionally, some XScale systems can connect two expansion boards. The second board can be configured by the ``busheader'' boot parameter. The gxio driver does not verify validity of both parameters. For Xscale boards the following drivers are available for the peripher- als: sm SMC91Cxx ethernet interface. smsh SMSC LAN9118/LAN9218 ethernet interface.
GXIO_BLUETOOTH_ON_HWUART Uses HWUART pins for Bluetooth module. The option only affects Xscale PXA250 based Gumstix boards. If set, the serial port HWUART is used to control Bluetooth module. Otherwise no Bluetooth module is configured for PXA250 boards. GXIO_DEFAULT_EXPANSION Static configuration of expansion board. If configured, the gxio of the processor is setup for the board. If a boot parameter is used, the boot value is used instead. For Xscale based boards the following values are supported: basix cfstix etherstix netcf netcf-vx netduo netduo-mmc netmicrosd netmicrosd-vx netwifimicrosd netmmc netpro-vx wfistix wfistix-cf For Overo the following values are sup- ported: chestnut43 gallop43 summit tobi tobi-duo For DuoVero the following value is sup- ported: parlor For Pepper the following values are sup- ported: 43c 43r dvi
pxaip(4), sm(4), smsh(4)
The gxio driver first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.
The gxio driver was written by Takashi Kiyohara <kiyohara@NetBSD.org> and Susumu Miki for WIDE Project and SOUM Corporation. This manual page was contributed by Stephan Meisinger. NetBSD 9.0 April 3, 2017 NetBSD 9.0
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