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WSBELL(4)               NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              WSBELL(4)

wsbell -- generic bell support in wscons
wsbell* at spkr? console?
The wsbell driver utilizes the speaker(4) driver to provide a system bell with or without a keyboard for the wscons(4) framework. When a bell character is received on a wsdisplay(4) screen, wsbell sounds the bell. The wsconsctl(8) utility gives access to several configurable parameters that effect the sound of the system bell. Ioctls The following ioctl(2) calls are provided by the wsbell driver. Their definitions are found in dev/wscons/wsconsio.h. WSKBDIO_BELL Will sound the default bell. WSKBDIO_GETBELL Will return a struct wskbd_bell_data with the current bell parameters. WSKBDIO_SETBELL Takes a struct wskbd_bell_data and uses it to set the bell parameters. These are used by the WSKBDIO_BELL ioctl(2) call. WSKBDIO_COMPLEXBELL Will sound a bell using a supplied struct wskbd_bell_data for its parameters. WSKBDIO_GETDEFAULTBELL Will return a struct wskbd_bell_data with the default bell parameters. WSKBDIO_SETDEFAULTBELL Takes a struct wskbd_bell_data and uses it to set the default bell parameters. Ioctls use the following structure: struct wskbd_bell_data { u_int which; /* values to get/set */ #define WSKBD_BELL_DOPITCH 0x1 /* get/set pitch */ #define WSKBD_BELL_DOPERIOD 0x2 /* get/set period */ #define WSKBD_BELL_DOVOLUME 0x4 /* get/set volume */ #define WSKBD_BELL_DOALL 0x7 /* all of the above */ u_int pitch; /* pitch, in Hz */ u_int period; /* period, in milliseconds */ u_int volume; /* percentage of max volume */ };
speaker(4), wscons(4), wskbd(4), wsmux(4), wsconsctl(8), wsbell(9) NetBSD 9.0 June 13, 2017 NetBSD 9.0
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