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RPC.YPPASSWDD(8)        NetBSD System Manager's Manual        RPC.YPPASSWDD(8)

rpc.yppasswdd -- NIS update password file daemon
rpc.yppasswdd [-d directory] [-noshell] [-nogecos] [-nopw] [-m arg1 [arg2 ...]]
rpc.yppasswdd must be running on the NIS master server to allow users to change information in the password file. The options are as follows: -d directory Change the root directory of the password file from ``/'' to directory. It is important to create the binary database files (pwd.db and spwd.db) when using this switch or the password change will fail. The databases need to be created only once with the following command: pwd_mkdb -d directory directory/etc/master.passwd -noshell Don't allow changes of the shell field in the passwd file. -nogecos Don't allow changes of the gecos field in the passwd file. -nopw Don't allow changes of the password in the passwd file. -m arg1 [arg2 ...] Additional arguments to pass to make in /var/yp.
/etc/passwd /etc/master.passwd
chpass(1), passwd(1), hosts_access(5), nis(8), ypbind(8), ypserv(8)
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