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PTM(4)                  NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                 PTM(4)

ptm -- pseudo-terminal multiplexor device
pseudo-device pty
The ptm driver is the backend for the /dev/ptm device. It supports three ioctl(2)s. The first is TIOCPTMGET, which allocates a free pseudo-termi- nal device, sets its user ID to the calling user, revoke(2)s it, and returns the opened file descriptors for both the master and the slave pseudo-terminal device to the caller in a struct ptmget. This struct has the following content: struct ptmget { int cfd; int sfd; char cn[PATH_MAX]; char sn[PATH_MAX]; }; where cfd and sfd contain the master resp. slave device's file descriptor and cn and sn the corresponding paths in the file system. The /dev/ptmx device supports two more ioctl(2)s, TIOCGRANTPT, which is used by grantpt(3), TIOCPTSNAME, which is used by ptsname(3). The ptm device is included with the pseudo-device pty(4). It can be dis- abled by adding ``options NO_DEV_PTM'' to the kernel configuration.
/dev/ptm ptm access device /dev/ptmx ptm cloning device, used to implement Unix98 ptys
grantpt(3), openpty(3), posix_openpt(3), ptsname(3), unlockpt(3), pty(4)
The /dev/ptm device appeared in OpenBSD 3.5 and was ported to NetBSD 3.0. NetBSD 9.0 November 30, 2013 NetBSD 9.0
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