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USBD_STATUS(9)         NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual         USBD_STATUS(9)

usbd_status -- USB device drivers interface return status values
#include <dev/usb/usbdi.h>
This documents the full list of return values used by the generic USB code. Interface-specific definitions will be given with interface.
Return values are split into two main groups: expected values and error values. There are only two expected values: USBD_NORMAL_COMPLETION The operation completed successfully. USBD_IN_PROGRESS The operation was successfully submitted, usually part of an asynchronous operation. These are the error values: USBD_PENDING_REQUESTS The requested operation could not be completed due to pending requests, usually from a pipe close operation. USBD_NOT_STARTED The initial status of a USB transfer. See usbdi(9) for more details about USB transfers. USBD_INVAL Invalid arguments were supplied for the requested operation. USBD_NOMEM No memory could be allocated. USBD_CANCELLED The USB transfer has been cancelled, and not completed. USBD_BAD_ADDRESS The requested USB pipe could not be found. See usbdi(9) for more details about USB pipes. USBD_IN_USE The requested operation could not be performed due to the device having active connections, such as USB audio device currently playing. USBD_NO_ADDR USB bus has reached its maximum limit of devices. USBD_SET_ADDR_FAILED Call to usbd_set_address() failed during new USB device discov- ery. USBD_NO_POWER New device has requested more power than is available. USBD_TOO_DEEP New USB Hub too deep from the root. USBD_IOERROR Non-specific error happened during IO. USBD_NOT_CONFIGURED USB device is not configured; it has no configuration descriptor. USBD_TIMEOUT Operation timed out. USBD_SHORT_XFER USB transfer succeeded but not all requested data was returned. USBD_STALLED USB controller has stalled (controller specific.) USBD_INTERRUPTED Process was interrupted by external means (such as a signal) while waiting for a transfer to complete.
usb(4), usbdi(9)
This usbd_status interface first appeared in NetBSD 1.4. NetBSD 8.1 May 12, 2012 NetBSD 8.1
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