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tpctl -- touch panel calibration utility
tpctl [-hnuv] [-D dispdevname] [-d devname] [-f filename]
tpctl is a touch panel calibration utility. tpctl calibrates a touch panel and saves and restores the calibration parameters into/from a parameter database file. Available command-line flags are: -D dispdevname Specify display device name. -d devname Specify touch panel device name. -f filename Specify alternate parameter database file name. -h Print brief description. -n Do not change the parameter database file. -u Force calibration. Without this flag, tpctl won't do calibration if the database file already contains param- eters for the touch panel. -v Verbose mode. You calibrate the touch panel the first time you run tpctl. If you see a cross cursor on the screen, you should tap the center of the cursor to calibrate the touch panel, or you can abort the calibration with the `ESC' key. Five cursors will appear on the screen in turn. Once cali- bration is done, tpctl saves the calibration parameters into the database file and uses the saved parameters to calibrate the touch panel. You can run tpctl automatically with /etc/rc.d/tpctl.
/etc/tpctl.dat The default calibration parameter database file. The -f flag may be used to specify an alternate database file name. tpctl will create an empty database file if it doesn't exist. /dev/ttyE0 The default display device, which is used to display the cursor during calibration. The -D flag may be used to specify an alternate display device name. The display device must provide the `hpcfb' interface as defined in /usr/include/dev/hpc/hpcfbio.h. /dev/wsmux0 The default touch panel device. The -d flag may be used to specify an alternate touch panel device name.
tpctl isn't available on all ports because it requires a display device which provides the `hpcfb' interface. NetBSD 8.1 August 25, 2002 NetBSD 8.1
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