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RESIZE_LFS(8)           NetBSD System Manager's Manual           RESIZE_LFS(8)

resize_lfs -- resize a mounted log-structured filesystem
resize_lfs [-v] [-s new-size] mounted-file-system
resize_lfs grows or shrinks a mounted log-structured filesystem to the specified size. mounted-file-system is the name of the filesystem to be resized, and new-size is the desired new filesystem size, in sectors. If new-size is not specified, resize_lfs will default to the current size of the partition containing the filesystem in question. When growing, the partition must be large enough to contain a filesystem of the specified size; when shrinking, resize_lfs must first ``clean'' the segments that will be invalid when the filesystem is shrunk. If this cleaning process results in these segments becoming redirtied, this indi- cates that the given new size is not large enough to contain the existing filesystem data, and resize_lfs will return an error.
To resize the file system mounted at /home to 32576 sectors: resize_lfs -s 32576 /home
fsck_lfs(8), lfs_cleanerd(8), newfs_lfs(8)
The resize_lfs command first appeared in NetBSD 3.0.
Konrad Schroder <>
resize_lfs should be able to resize an unmounted filesystem as well. NetBSD 8.1 September 4, 2006 NetBSD 8.1
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