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PROP_COPYIN_IOCTL(9)   NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual   PROP_COPYIN_IOCTL(9)

prop_array_copyin, prop_array_copyin_size, prop_array_copyin_ioctl, prop_array_copyin_ioctl_size, prop_array_copyout, prop_array_copyout_ioctl, prop_dictionary_copyin, prop_dictionary_copyin_size, prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl, prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl_size, prop_dictionary_copyout, prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl -- Copy property lists to and from kernel space
#include <prop/proplib.h> int prop_array_copyin(const struct plistref *pref, prop_array_t *arrayp); int prop_array_copyin_size(const struct plistref *pref, prop_array_t *arrayp, size_t lim); int prop_array_copyin_ioctl(const struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_array_t *arrayp); int prop_array_copyin_ioctl_size(const struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_array_t *arrayp, size_t lim); int prop_array_copyout(struct plistref *pref, prop_array_t array); int prop_array_copyout_ioctl(struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_array_t array); int prop_dictionary_copyin(const struct plistref *pref, prop_dictionary_t *dictp); int prop_dictionary_copyin_size(const struct plistref *pref, prop_dictionary_t *dictp, size_t lim); int prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl(const struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_dictionary_t *dictp); int prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl_size(const struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_dictionary_t *dictp, size_t lim); int prop_dictionary_copyout(struct plistref *pref, prop_dictionary_t dict); int prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl(struct plistref *pref, const u_long cmd, prop_dictionary_t dict);
The prop_array_copyin_ioctl, prop_array_copyin_ioctl_size, prop_array_copyout_ioctl, prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl, prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl_size, and prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl functions implement the kernel side of a protocol for copying property lists to and from the kernel using ioctl(2). The functions prop_array_copyin, prop_array_copyin_size, prop_array_copyout, prop_dictionary_copyin, prop_dictionary_copyin_size, and prop_dictionary_copyout implement the kernel side of a protocol for copy- ing property lists to the kernel as arguments of normal system calls. A kernel routine receiving or returning a property list will be passed a pointer to a struct plistref. This structure encapsulates the reference to the property list in externalized form. The functions prop_array_copyin_size, prop_array_copyin_ioctl_size, prop_dictionary_copyin_size, and prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl_size take an explicit limit argument lim while prop_array_copyin, prop_array_copyin_ioctl, prop_dictionary_copyin, and prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl have an implicit size limit of 128KB. Attempts to transfer objects larger than the limit result in an E2BIG return value.
If successful, functions return zero. Otherwise, an error number will be returned to indicate the error.
The following (simplified) example demonstrates using prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl() in an ioctl routine: extern prop_dictionary_t fooprops; int fooioctl(dev_t dev, u_long cmd, caddr_t data, int flag, struct lwp *l) { prop_dictionary_t dict, odict; int error; switch (cmd) { case FOOSETPROPS: { const struct plistref *pref = (const struct plistref *) data; error = prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl(pref, cmd, &dict); if (error) return (error); odict = fooprops; fooprops = dict; prop_object_release(odict); break; } case FOOGETPROPS: { struct plistref *pref = (struct plistref *) data; error = prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl(pref, cmd, fooprops); break; } default: return (EPASSTHROUGH); } return (error); } The following (simplified) example demonstrates using prop_array_copyin() in a routine: int foocopyin(const struct plistref *pref)) { prop_array_t array; int error; error = prop_array_copyin(pref, &array); if (error) return (error); ... }
prop_array_copyin_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_copyin_ioctl() will fail if: [E2BIG] The object being copied is larger than an arbitrarily established limit (currently set to 128Kbytes). [EFAULT] Bad address [EIO] Input/output error [ENOMEM] Cannot allocate memory [ENOTSUP] Not supported prop_array_copyout_ioctl() and prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl() will fail if: [EFAULT] Bad address [ENOMEM] Cannot allocate memory [ENOTSUP] Not supported
prop_array(3), prop_dictionary(3), prop_send_ioctl(3), prop_send_syscall(3), proplib(3)
The proplib property container object library first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. NetBSD 8.1 January 29, 2017 NetBSD 8.1
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