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VGREMOVE(8)                                                        VGREMOVE(8)

vgremove - remove a volume group
vgremove [-d|--debug] [-f|--force] [-h|-?|--help] [-t|--test] [-v|--verbose] VolumeGroupName [VolumeGroupName...]
vgremove allows you to remove one or more volume groups. If one or more physical volumes in the volume group are lost, consider vgreduce --removemissing to make the volume group metadata consistent again. If there are logical volumes that exist in the volume group, a prompt will be given to confirm removal. You can override the prompt with -f.
See lvm for common options. -f, --force Force the removal of any logical volumes on the volume group without confirmation.
lvm(8), lvremove(8), vgcreate(8), vgreduce(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09) VGREMOVE(8)
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