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TCU(4)                  NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                 TCU(4)

tcu -- TURBOchannel USB host options
tcu* at tc? slot ? offset ? slhci* at tcu? usb* at slhci? gpio* at gpiobus?
The tcu driver provides support for the flxd TC-USB TURBOchannel USB host options based upon a Cypress SL811HST USB 1.1 host controller and a glue logic CPLD. USB is handled by the slhci(4) driver. Eight GPIO pins pro- vided by the CPLD can be accessed through the gpio(4) driver.
gpio(4), slhci(4), tc(4), usb(4) NetBSD 8.0 August 9, 2016 NetBSD 8.0
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