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PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)     NetBSD Library Functions Manual    PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)

pthread_condattr_init, pthread_condattr_getpshared, pthread_condattr_setpshared, pthread_condattr_getclock, pthread_condattr_setclock -- condition attribute operations
POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, -lpthread)
#include <pthread.h> int pthread_condattr_init(pthread_condattr_t *attr); int pthread_condattr_getclock(const pthread_condattr_t *__restrict attr, clockid_t * __restrict clock_id); int pthread_condattr_setclock(pthread_condattr_t *attr, clockid_t clock); int pthread_condattr_destroy(pthread_condattr_t *attr); int pthread_condattr_getpshared(const pthread_condattr_t * __restrict attr, int * __restrict pshared); int pshared_condattr_setpshared(pthread_condattr_t *attr, int pshared);
Condition attribute objects are used to specify parameters to the pthread_cond_init(3) function. The pthread_condattr_init() function ini- tializes a condition attribute object with the default attributes and the pthread_condattr_destroy() function destroys a condition attribute object. The pthread_condattr_getclock() function shall obtain the value of the clock attributes object referenced by attr. The pthread_condattr_setclock() function sets the system clock to be used for time comparisons to the one specified in clock. Valid clock values are CLOCK_MONOTONIC and CLOCK_REALTIME (the default). The pthread_condattr_getpshared() function shall obtain the value of the process-shared attribute from the attributes object referenced by attr. The pthread_condattr_setpshared() function shall set the process-shared attribute in an initialized attributes object referenced by attr.
If successful, these functions return 0. Otherwise, an error number is returned to indicate the error.
No errors are defined for pthread_condattr_init(). The pthread_condattr_destroy() function may fail if: [EINVAL] The value specified by attr is invalid. The pthread_condattr_getclock() and pthread_condattr_setclock() may fail if: [EINVAL] The value specified by attr is invalid. The pthread_condattr_getpshared() and pthread_condattr_setpshared() may fail if: [EINVAL] The value specified by attr is invalid.
Both functions conform to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'').
The pthread_condattr_getpshared() and pthread_condattr_setpshared() func- tions are hidden by default since only thread shared attributes are sup- ported. NetBSD 8.0 March 28, 2017 NetBSD 8.0
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