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IMAX(9)                NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual                IMAX(9)

imax, imin, lmax, lmin, max, min, ulmax, ulmin -- compare integers
int imax(int a, int b); int imin(int a, int b); long lmax(long a, long b); long lmin(long a, long b); u_int max(u_int a, u_int b); u_int min(u_int a, u_int b); u_long ulmax(u_long a, u_long b); u_long ulmin(u_long a, u_long b);
The imin(), lmin(), min(), and ulmin() functions return whichever argu- ment is algebraically smaller, differing only in their argument and return types: these functions operate on, respectively, natural size, long, unsigned and unsigned long integers. The imax(), lmax(), max(), and ulmax() functions are identical except that they return the algebraically larger argument between a and b.
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