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CURPROC(9)             NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual             CURPROC(9)

curproc, curcpu, curlwp -- current process, processor, and LWP
#include <sys/proc.h> struct cpu_info * curcpu(void); struct proc * curproc(void); struct lwp * curlwp(void);
The following macros can be used to retrieve the current processor, process, and light-weight process (LWP), respectively: 1. The machine-dependent curcpu() macro returns a pointer to a cpu_info structure containing information of the CPU that this thread is running on. 2. The machine-independent curproc() macro refers to a pointer to the process currently running on this CPU. 3. The curlwp() macro expands to a pointer to lwp structure, con- taining information about the current LWP. This macro is machine-independent, but machine-dependent <machine/cpu.h> may redefine it.
cpu_number(9), proc_find(9) NetBSD 8.0 July 1, 2010 NetBSD 8.0
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