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CURSES_CHGAT(3)         NetBSD Library Functions Manual        CURSES_CHGAT(3)

chgat, wchgat, mvchgat, mvwchgat -- curses on-screen attribute manipula- tion routines
Curses Library (libcurses, -lcurses)
#include <curses.h> int chgat(int n, attr_t attr, short color, const void *opts); int wchgat(WINDOW *win, int n, attr_t attr, short color, const void *opts); int mvchgat(int y, int x, int n, attr_t attr, short color, const void *opts); int mvwchgat(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, int n, attr_t attr, short color, const void *opts);
These functions modify the attributes of the drawn content on stdscr or on the specified window. The chgat() function sets the attributes of the next n characters to attr and the color pair to color. If n is negative or larger than the remain- der of the line, it gets truncated. The wchgat() is the same as the chgat() function, excepting that the attributes are changed in the window specified by win. The mvchgat() and mvwchgat() functions are the same as the chgat() and wchgat() functions, respectively, excepting that they operate from the position specified by y, x. These functions do not perform wrapping. They do not update the cursor position.
The functions that return an int will return one of the following values: OK The function completed successfully. ERR An error occurred in the function.
The chgat(), wchgat(), mvchgat(), and mvwchgat() functions conform to X/Open Curses Issue 4, Version 2 (``XCURSES4.2'').
The Curses package appeared in 4.0BSD. Support for the chgat() family was added in NetBSD 6.0. NetBSD 7.1.2 July 6, 2009 NetBSD 7.1.2
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