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PROP_OBJECT(3)          NetBSD Library Functions Manual         PROP_OBJECT(3)

prop_object, prop_object_retain, prop_object_release, prop_object_type, prop_object_equals, prop_object_iterator_next, prop_object_iterator_reset, prop_object_iterator_release -- general prop- erty container object functions
Property Container Object Library (libprop, -lprop)
#include <prop/proplib.h> void prop_object_retain(prop_object_t obj); void prop_object_release(prop_object_t obj); prop_type_t prop_object_type(prop_object_t obj); bool prop_object_equals(prop_object_t obj1, prop_object_t obj2); prop_object_t prop_object_iterator_next(prop_object_iterator_t iter); void prop_object_iterator_reset(prop_object_iterator_t iter); void prop_object_iterator_release(prop_object_iterator_t iter);
The prop_object family of functions operate on all property container object types. prop_object_retain(prop_object_t obj) Increment the reference count on an object. prop_object_release(prop_object_t obj) Decrement the reference count on an object. If the last reference is dropped, the object is freed. prop_object_type(prop_object_t obj) Determine the type of the object. Objects are one of the following types: PROP_TYPE_BOOL Boolean value (prop_bool_t) PROP_TYPE_NUMBER Number (prop_number_t) PROP_TYPE_STRING String (prop_string_t) PROP_TYPE_DATA Opaque data (prop_data_t) PROP_TYPE_ARRAY Array (prop_array_t) PROP_TYPE_DICTIONARY Dictionary (prop_dictionary_t) PROP_TYPE_DICT_KEYSYM Dictionary key symbol (prop_dictionary_keysym_t) If obj is NULL, then PROP_TYPE_UNKNOWN is returned. prop_object_equals(prop_object_t obj1, prop_object_t obj2) Returns true if the two objects are of the same type and are equiva- lent. prop_object_iterator_next(prop_object_iterator_t iter) Return the next object in the collection (array or dictionary) being iterated by the iterator iter. If there are no more objects in the collection, NULL is returned. prop_object_iterator_reset(prop_object_iterator_t iter) Reset the iterator to the first object in the collection being iterated by the iterator iter. prop_object_iterator_release(prop_object_iterator_t iter) Release the iterator iter.
prop_array(3), prop_bool(3), prop_data(3), prop_dictionary(3), prop_number(3), prop_string(3), proplib(3)
The proplib property container object library first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. NetBSD 7.0 August 21, 2006 NetBSD 7.0
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