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LVS(8)                                                                  LVS(8)

lvs - report information about logical volumes
lvs [--aligned] [-d|--debug] [-h|-?|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure] [--nameprefixes] [--noheadings] [--nosuffix] [-o|--options [+]Field[,Field]] [-O|--sort [+|-]Key1[,[+|-]Key2[,...]]] [-P|--par- tial] [--rows] [--segments] [--separator Separator] [--unbuffered] [--units hsbkmgtHKMGT] [--unquoted] [-v|--verbose] [--version] [Vol- umeGroupName [VolumeGroupName...]]
lvs produces formatted output about logical volumes.
See lvm for common options. --aligned Use with --separator to align the output columns. --nameprefixes Add an "LVM2_" prefix plus the field name to the output. Useful with --noheadings to produce a list of field=value pairs that can be used to set environment variables (for example, in udev (7) rules). --noheadings Suppress the headings line that is normally the first line of output. Useful if grepping the output. --nosuffix Suppress the suffix on output sizes. Use with --units (except h and H) if processing the output. -o, --options Comma-separated ordered list of columns. Precede the list with '+' to append to the default selection of columns instead of replacing it. Column names are: lv_uuid, lv_name, lv_attr, lv_major, lv_minor, lv_kernel_major, lv_kernel_minor, lv_size, seg_count, origin, snap_percent, copy_percent, move_pv, lv_tags, segtype, stripes, stripesize, chunksize, seg_start, seg_size, seg_tags, devices, regionsize, mirror_log, modules. With --segments, any "seg_" prefixes are optional; otherwise any "lv_" prefixes are optional. Columns mentioned in vgs (8) can also be chosen. Use -o help to view the full list of fields available. The lv_attr bits are: 1 Volume type: (m)irrored, (M)irrored without initial sync, (o)rigin, (p)vmove, (s)napshot, invalid (S)napshot, (v)irtual, mirror (i)mage, mirror (I)mage out-of-sync, under (c)onversion 2 Permissions: (w)riteable, (r)ead-only 3 Allocation policy: (c)ontiguous, c(l)ing, (n)ormal, (a)nywhere, (i)nherited This is capitalised if the volume is currently locked against allocation changes, for example dur- ing pvmove (8). 4 fixed (m)inor 5 State: (a)ctive, (s)uspended, (I)nvalid snapshot, invalid (S)uspended snapshot, mapped (d)evice present without tables, mapped device present with (i)nactive table 6 device (o)pen --segments Use default columns that emphasize segment information. -O, --sort Comma-separated ordered list of columns to sort by. Replaces the default selection. Precede any column with - for a reverse sort on that column. --rows Output columns as rows. --separator Separator String to use to separate each column. Useful if grepping the output. --unbuffered Produce output immediately without sorting or aligning the col- umns properly. --units hsbkmgtHKMGT All sizes are output in these units: (h)uman-readable, (s)ectors, (b)ytes, (k)ilobytes, (m)egabytes, (g)igabytes, (t)erabytes. Capitalise to use multiples of 1000 (S.I.) instead of 1024. Can also specify custom (u)nits e.g. --units 3M --unquoted When used with --nameprefixes, output values in the field=value pairs are not quoted.
lvm(8), lvdisplay(8), pvs(8), vgs(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09) LVS(8)
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