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CRASH(8)                NetBSD System Manager's Manual                CRASH(8)

crash -- examine and debug system images
crash [-M core] [-N kernel]
The crash command is used to examine and debug system images. If run without any arguments, crash operates on the running system. The options are as follows: -M core Operate on the specified crash dump instead of the default /dev/mem. Crash dumps should be from the same version of the system and same machine architecture as the running version of crash, and must be uncompressed. -N kernel Extract the name list from the specified kernel instead of the default /dev/ksyms. The command syntax used by crash is the same as the in-kernel debugger. See the ddb(4) manual page for more information. Operations and facilities that require a running system, such as break- points, are not supported by crash. crash does not provide pagination. However, by using the pipe symbol, output may be sent to commands available from the shell. For example: crash> ps | more crash> ps | grep ioflush
ps(1), vmstat(1), ddb(4), pstat(8)
The crash command appeared in NetBSD 6.0. NetBSD 6.0 March 7, 2009 NetBSD 6.0
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