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WSCONS(9)              NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual              WSCONS(9)

wscons -- machine-independent console support
The wscons driver provides a machine-independent framework for worksta- tion consoles. It consists of several cooperating modules: display adapters (see wsdisplay(9)) keyboards (see wskbd(9)) pointers and mice (see wsmouse(9)) input event multiplexor font handling (see wsfont(9)) terminal emulation (see wsdisplay(9)) The wscons framework replaces the old rcons workstation framework and the various machine-dependent console implementations.
This section describes places within the NetBSD source tree where actual code implementing or using the machine-independent wscons subsystem can be found. All pathnames are relative to /usr/src. The wscons subsystem is implemented within the directory sys/dev/wscons.
wscons(4), cons(9), driver(9), intro(9), wsdisplay(9), wsfont(9), wskbd(9), wsmouse(9) NetBSD 5.0 October 7, 2001 NetBSD 5.0
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