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SECMODEL_BSD44(9)      NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual      SECMODEL_BSD44(9)

secmodel_bsd44 -- traditional NetBSD security model (based on 4.4BSD)
secmodel_bsd44 is the default security model in NetBSD. It is the tradi- tional security model based on 4.4BSD and is composed of two main con- cepts, the super-user and the securelevel. Super-user The super-user is the host administrator, considered to have higher priv- ileges than other users. It is the only entity the kernel recognizes by having an effective user-id of zero. Securelevel Please refer to secmodel_securelevel(9) for details.
kauth(9), secmodel(9), secmodel_securelevel(9)
Elad Efrat <> NetBSD 5.0 November 21, 2007 NetBSD 5.0
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