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RDATE(8)                NetBSD System Manager's Manual                RDATE(8)

rdate -- set the system's date from a remote host
rdate [-psa] host
rdate displays and sets the local date and time from the host name or address given as the argument. It uses the RFC 868 protocol which is usu- ally implemented as a built-in service of inetd(8). Available options: -p Do not set, just print the remote time -s Do not print the time. -a Use the adjtime(2) call to gradually skew the local time to the remote time rather than just hopping.
/var/log/wtmp A record of date resets and time changes.
adjtime(2), gettimeofday(2), utmp(5), inetd(8) NetBSD 5.0 April 30, 1994 NetBSD 5.0
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