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ldd -- list dynamic object dependencies
ldd [-f format] program ...
ldd displays all shared objects that are needed to run the given program. Contrary to nm(1), the list includes ``indirect'' dependencies that are the result of needed shared objects which themselves depend on yet other shared objects. Zero, one or two -f options may be given. The argument is a format string passed to rtld(1) and allows customization of ldd's output. The first format argument is used for library objects and is equivalent to the ld.aout_so(1) environment variable LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS_FMT1. It defaults to "\t-l%o.%m => %p\n" for elf and "\t-l%o.%m => %p (%x)\n" for a.out. The second format argument is used for non-library objects and it is equivalent to the ld.aout_so(1) environment variable LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS_FMT2. It defaults to "\t%o => %p\n" for elf and "\t%o (%x)\n" for a.out. These arguments are interpreted as format strings a la printf(3) to cus- tomize the trace output and allow ldd to be operated as a filter more conveniently. The following conversions can be used: %a The main program's name (also known as ``__progname''). %A The value of the environment variable LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS_PROGNAME in a.out and the program name from the argument vector from elf. %o The library name. %m The library's major version number. %n The library's minor version number (a.out only, ignored in elf). %p The full pathname as determined by rtld's library search rules. %x The library's load address Additionally, \n and \t are recognized and have their usual meaning.
ld(1), ld.aout_so(1), ld.elf_so(1), nm(1), rtld(1)
A ldd utility first appeared in SunOS 4.0, it appeared in its current form in NetBSD 0.9A.
The a.out ldd actually runs the program it has been requested to analyze which in specially constructed environments can have security implica- tions. NetBSD 5.0 May 23, 2004 NetBSD 5.0
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