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DOSHUTDOWNHOOKS(9)     NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual     DOSHUTDOWNHOOKS(9)

doshutdownhooks -- run all shutdown hooks
void doshutdownhooks(void);
The doshutdownhooks() function invokes all shutdown hooks established using the shutdownhook_establish(9) function. Shutdown hooks are called in reverse order, i.e., the shutdown hook established last will be called first. This function is called from cpu_reboot() with interrupts turned off. It is called immediately before the system is halted or rebooted, after file systems have been unmounted, after the clock has been updated, and after a system dump has been done (if necessary).
cpu_reboot(9), shutdownhook_establish(9) NetBSD 5.0 November 13, 1995 NetBSD 5.0
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