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CPU_COREDUMP(9)        NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual        CPU_COREDUMP(9)

cpu_coredump -- machine-dependent process core dump interface
#include <sys/signalvar.h> int cpu_coredump(struct lwp *l, void *iocookie, struct core *chdr); int cpu_coredump32(struct lwp *l, void *iocookie, struct core32 *chdr);
cpu_coredump() is the machine-dependent interface invoked by machine- independent code to dump the machine-dependent header information at the start of a process core dump. The header information primarily consists of the CPU and floating-point registers. l is the lwp structure of the thread being dumped. iocookie is an opaque pointer to be passed to coredump_write(). Information about the machine-dependent header sec- tions are returned in chdr. cpu_coredump() returns 0 on success and an appropriate error code on failure.
This section describes places within the NetBSD source tree where actual code implementing or using the machine-dependent coredump interface can be found. All pathnames are relative to /usr/src. Process core dumps are initiated within the file sys/kern/kern_sig.c. Process core dumps for ELF NetBSD binaries are performed within the files sys/kern/core_elf32.c or sys/kern/core_elf64.c. Process core dumps for other NetBSD binaries are performed within the file sys/kern/core_netbsd.c.
coredump_write(9) NetBSD 5.0 December 24, 2005 NetBSD 5.0
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