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VIAENV(4)               NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              VIAENV(4)

viaenv -- VIA VT82C686A hardware monitor
viapm* at pci? dev ? function ? viaenv* at viapm?
The viaenv is an envsys(4) compatible driver for the hardware monitor in the VIA VT82C686A South Bridge. The device has 10 sensors: Sensor Units Typical Use TSENS1 uK CPU temperature TSENS2 uK System temperature TSENS3 uK ? FAN1 RPM CPU fan FAN2 RPM System fan VSENS1 uV DC CPU core voltage (2.0V) VSENS2 uV DC North Bridge core voltage (2.5V) Vcore uV DC Internal core voltage (3.3V) VSENS3 uV DC +5V VSENS4 uV DC +12V Sensor data is updated every 1.5 seconds.
envsys(4), envstat(8)
The viaenv device appeared in NetBSD 1.5.
Interrupt support is unimplemented, as is support for setting values. NetBSD 4.0 May 8, 2000 NetBSD 4.0
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