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PCKBC(4)                NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual               PCKBC(4)

pckbc -- PC (ISA) keyboard controller driver
pckbc* at acpi? pckbc* at isa? pckbc* at pnpbios? index ? pckbd* at pckbc? slot ? pms* at pckbc? slot ?
The pckbc driver handles resource allocation and device attachment for the traditional PC/AT keyboard controller. It provides two logical con- nections for child devices, the ``keyboard'' slot for a keyboard and the ``auxiliary'' slot for mice (the latter might be missing in older key- board controllers). The optional ``slot'' locator argument can be used to force unusual con- nections of devices to logical slots. This feature is for experimentation only, it will not be useful in normal operation.
acpi(4), isa(4), pckbd(4), pms(4), pnpbios(4) NetBSD 4.0 April 16, 2002 NetBSD 4.0
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