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PAXCTL(8)               NetBSD System Manager's Manual               PAXCTL(8)

paxctl -- list and modify PaX flags associated with an ELF program
paxctl [-l] program paxctl flags program
The paxctl utility is used to list and manipulate PaX flags associated with an ELF program. Each flag can be prefixed either with a ``+'' or a ``-'' sign to add or remove the flag, respectively. The following flags are available: g Explicitly disable PaX Segvguard for program. G Explicitly enable PaX Segvguard for program. m Explicitly disable PaX MPROTECT (mprotect(2) restrictions) for program. M Explicitly enable PaX MPROTECT (mprotect(2) restrictions) for program.
sysctl(3), options(4), security(8), sysctl(8)
The paxctl utility first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. The paxctl utility is modeled after a tool of the same name available for Linux from the PaX project.
Elad Efrat <> NetBSD 4.0 November 22, 2006 NetBSD 4.0
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