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PACKAGES(7)         NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual        PACKAGES(7)

packages -- NetBSD user package variables
This manual page is obsolete. Please refer the pkgsrc guide at /usr/pkgsrc/doc/pkgsrc.txt or /usr/pkgsrc/doc/pkgsrc.html. The contents of this manual page will be moved there as time permits. This manual page describes the variables that users of the NetBSD pack- ages system can set to alter the configuration of the package system, and individual packages.
This section documents variables that typically apply to an individual package. Non-Boolean variables without defaults are *mandatory*. SCRIPTDIR A directory containing any auxiliary scripts. The default is ${.CURDIR}/scripts. PKGDIR A direction containing any package creation files. The default is ${.CURDIR}/pkg. PKG_DBDIR Where package installation is recorded. The default is /var/db/pkg. FORCE_PKG_REGISTER If set, it will overwrite any existing package registra- tion information in ${PKG_DBDIR}/${PKGNAME}. NO_MTREE If set, will not invoke mtree from from the ``install'' target. MTREE_FILE The name of the mtree file. The default is /etc/mtree/BSD.x11.dist if USE_IMAKE or USE_X11BASE is set, or /etc/mtree/BSD.pkg.dist otherwise. NO_BUILD Use a dummy (do-nothing) build target. NO_CONFIGURE Use a dummy (do-nothing) configure target. NO_INSTALL Use a dummy (do-nothing) install target. NO_PACKAGE Use a dummy (do-nothing) package target. NO_PKG_REGISTER Don't register a package install as a package. NO_DEPENDS Don't verify build of dependencies. SCRIPTS_ENV Additional environment variables passed to scripts in ${SCRIPTDIR} executed by
Variables to change if you want a special behavior: PKG_VERBOSE If set, print out more information about the automatic manual page handling, and package deletion (see the ``install'', ``deinstall'' and ``update'' targets), and also sets PATCH_DEBUG as well.
mirror-distfiles Mirror the distfile(s) if they are freely re-dis- tributable. If NO_SRC_ON_FTP is set in the package's Makefile (usually to ${RESTRICTED}) then that reason is printed, and the distfile is not mirrored. Default sequence for ``all'' is: fetch checksum extract patch configure build. NEVER override the ``regular'' targets unless you want to open a major can of worms.
make(1), mk.conf(5), ${PKGSRCDIR}/mk/defaults/mk.conf and Documentation on the NetBSD Package System. ${PKGSRCDIR}/doc/pkgsrc.txt
This manual page is based upon the comments in the file, as distributed with NetBSD. The sources to this are far and varied across all free BSD projects. NetBSD 4.0 September 14, 2006 NetBSD 4.0
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