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LINKFARM(1)             NetBSD General Commands Manual             LINKFARM(1)

linkfarm -- manage symbolic links to package files
linkfarm [-cDnRVv] [-d stowdir] [-s subdir] [-t target] package
The linkfarm command is used to manage a "linkfarm", a directory tree of symbolic links in target to the files in the package sub-directory of stowdir. The default action is to create a linkfarm to a package. The following command-line options are supported: -c Check whether a package contains a linkfarm in target. If package has no symbolic links in target that correspond to its files, then return 0, otherwise return 1. -D Delete the linkfarm for package. -d stowdir Set stowdir as the directory in which package can be found. The default stowdir is the packages sub-directory in the default target directory. -n Don't actually execute the commands for removing and creating the symbolic links and directories. -R Delete and re-create the linkfarm for package. -s subdir The root of the package hierarchy for the linkfarm is the subdir sub-directory in the package. By default, assume the root of the package hierarchy is simply the package directory. -t target Set target as the directory in which to create and delete the linkfarm for package. The default target directory is /usr/pkg but may be overridden by the LOCALBASE environment variable. -V Print version number and exit. -v Turn on verbose output. Specifying -v multiple times increases the level of verbosity.
LOCALBASE The standard packages directory, /usr/pkg, can be overridden by specifying an alternative directory in the LOCALBASE environment variable. This affects the default target and stowdir directo- ries. PLIST_IGNORE_FILES This can be used to specify files in package that should ignored when creating and deleting symbolic links in target. PLIST_IGNORE_FILES is a space-separated list of shell glob pat- terns that match files relative to the package directory, and it defaults to "info/dir *[~#] *.OLD *.orig *,v".
lndir(1), pkg_view(1)
The linkfarm utility was written by Alistair G. Crooks <>. NetBSD 4.0 September 2, 2003 NetBSD 4.0
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