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WORMS(6)                      NetBSD Games Manual                     WORMS(6)

worms -- animate worms on a display terminal
worms [-ft] [-d delay] [-l length] [-n number] [-S seed]
worms is a UNIX version of the DEC-2136 program ``worms''. The options are as follows: -d delay Specifies a delay, in milliseconds, between each update. This is useful for fast terminals. Reasonable values are around 20-200; the default is 20. -f Makes a ``field'' for the worm(s) to eat. -l length Specifies the length of each worm; the default is 16, the minimum is 2. -n number Specifies the number of worms; the default is 3. There must be at least one. -S seed Provide an integer seed for the random number generator. Specifying zero (0, the default) causes a random seed to be used. -t Makes each worm leave a trail behind it. The maximum length, and number, of worms depends upon the screen size, though the length can never exceed 1024. If the screen is particularly small, even the defaults for those may be too large. Screens with less than 3 rows or columns cannot be handled, nor can ones with insufficient total space. NetBSD 10.0 April 17, 2023 NetBSD 10.0
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