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SFB(4)                  NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                 SFB(4)

sfb -- PMAGB-B HX colour/grayscale accelerated 2-D framebuffer
sfb* at tc? slot ? offset ? wsdisplay* at sfb?
The sfb driver provides support for the PMAGB-B HX colour/grayscale 2-D framebuffer for the TURBOchannel bus. The PMAGB-B is an 8 bpp colour/grayscale framebuffer capable of running at a resolution of 1280-by-1024 at 66 or 72 Hz.
cfb(4), mfb(4), px(4), pxg(4), tc(4), tfb(4), wscons(4) NetBSD 10.0 August 22, 2017 NetBSD 10.0
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