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LUA(1)                                                                  LUA(1)

lua - Lua interpreter
lua [ options ] [ script [ args ] ]
lua is the standalone Lua interpreter. It loads and executes Lua pro- grams, either in textual source form or in precompiled binary form. (Precompiled binaries are output by luac, the Lua compiler.) lua can be used as a batch interpreter and also interactively. After handling the options, the Lua program in file script is loaded and executed. The args are available to script as strings in a global table named arg and also as arguments to its main function. When called without arguments, lua behaves as lua -v -i if the standard input is a terminal, and as lua - otherwise. In interactive mode, lua prompts the user, reads lines from the stan- dard input, and executes them as they are read. If the line contains an expression, then the line is evaluated and the result is printed. If a line does not contain a complete statement, then a secondary prompt is displayed and lines are read until a complete statement is formed or a syntax error is found. Before handling command line options and scripts, lua checks the con- tents of the environment variables LUA_INIT_5_4 and LUA_INIT, in that order. If the contents are of the form '@filename', then filename is executed. Otherwise, the contents are assumed to be a Lua statement and is executed. When LUA_INIT_5_4 is defined, LUA_INIT is ignored.
-e stat execute statement stat. -i enter interactive mode after executing script. -l mod require library mod into global mod. -l g=mod require library mod into global g. -v show version information. -E ignore environment variables. -W turn warnings on. -- stop handling options. - stop handling options and execute the standard input as a file.
The following environment variables affect the execution of lua. When defined, the version-specific variants take priority and the version- neutral variants are ignored. LUA_INIT, LUA_INIT_5_4 Code to be executed before command line options and scripts. LUA_PATH, LUA_PATH_5_4 Initial value of package.cpath, the path used by require to search for Lua loaders. LUA_CPATH, LUA_CPATH_5_4 Initial value of package.cpath, the path used by require to search for C loaders.
If a script calls os.exit, then lua exits with the given exit status. Otherwise, lua exits with EXIT_SUCCESS (0 on POSIX systems) if there were no errors and with EXIT_FAILURE (1 on POSIX systems) if there were errors. Errors raised in interactive mode do not cause exits.
Error messages should be self explanatory.
luac(1) The documentation at, especially section 7 of the reference manual.
R. Ierusalimschy, L. H. de Figueiredo, W. Celes Date: 2022/09/23 09:06:36 LUA(1)
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