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AIOMIXER(1)             NetBSD General Commands Manual             AIOMIXER(1)

aiomixer -- graphical mixer for NetBSD audio
aiomixer [-d device] [-u]
aiomixer is a graphical frontend for mixer(4) devices that runs in your terminal. aiomixer is primarily controlled using the cursor keys, e.g. to select a control, or change a control's value. Movement similar to vi(1) is also supported. The current class can be changed with the number keys. The Q or Escape key can be used to return to the previous pane or exit aiomixer. By default, volume levels for individual channels cannot be changed sepa- rately. The U key can be pressed to toggle changing the volume of indi- vidual channels. The following options are available: -d device Used to specify an alternative mixer device. -u Used to unlock channels on start up.
/dev/mixer /dev/mixer[0-3]
mixerctl(1), mixer(4)
The first version (only available in pkgsrc) didn't support AUDIO_MIXER_SET properly, among other bugs.
aiomixer was written by Nia Alarie <>.
aiomixer shows whatever mixer nodes the audio device's driver returns. Some drivers do not provide the most user-friendly control names. NetBSD 10.0 April 4, 2019 NetBSD 10.0
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