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HK(4)                 NetBSD/vax Kernel Interfaces Manual                HK(4)

hk -- RK6-11/ RK06 and RK07 disk interface
hk0 at uba? csr 0177440 vector rkintr rk0 at hk0 drive 0
NOTE: This driver has not been ported from 4.4BSD yet. The hk driver is a typical block-device disk driver; block device I/O is described in physio(4). The script MAKEDEV(8) should be used to create the special files; if a special file needs to be created by hand consult mknod(8).
Special file names begin with `hk' and `rhk' for the block and character files respectively. The second component of the name, a drive unit num- ber in the range of zero to seven, is represented by a `?' in the disk layouts below. The last component is the file system partition which is designated by a letter from `a' to `h'. and corresponds to a minor device number set: zero to seven, eight to 15, 16 to 23 and so forth for drive zero, drive two and drive three respectively. The location and size (in sectors) of the partitions for the RK06 and RK07 drives are as follows: RK07 partitions disk start length cyl hk?a 0 15884 0-240 hk?b 15906 10032 241-392 hk?c 0 53790 0-814 hk?d 25938 15884 393-633 hk?f 41844 11792 634-814 hk?g 25938 27786 393-813 RK06 partitions disk start length cyl hk?a 0 15884 0-240 hk?b 15906 11154 241-409 hk?c 0 27126 0-410 On a dual RK-07 system partition hk?a is used for the root for one drive and partition hk?g for the /usr file system. If large jobs are to be run using hk?b on both drives as swap area provides a 10Mbyte paging area. Otherwise partition hk?c on the other drive is used as a single large file system.
/dev/hk[0-7][a-h] block files /dev/rhk[0-7][a-h] raw files
hk%d%c: hard error %sing fsbn %d[-%d] cs2=%b ds=%b er=%b. An unrecover- able error occurred during transfer of the specified filesystem block number(s), which are logical block numbers on the indicated partition. The contents of the cs2, ds and er registers are printed in octal and symbolically with bits decoded. The error was either unrecoverable, or a large number of retry attempts (including offset positioning and drive recalibration) could not recover the error. rk%d: write locked. The write protect switch was set on the drive when a write was attempted. The write operation is not recoverable. rk%d: not ready. The drive was spun down or off line when it was accessed. The I/O operation is not recoverable. rk%d: not ready (came back!). The drive was not ready, but after print- ing the message about being not ready (which takes a fraction of a sec- ond) was ready. The operation is recovered if no further errors occur. rk%d%c: soft ecc reading fsbn %d[-%d]. A recoverable ECC error occurred on the specified sector(s) in the specified disk partition. This happens normally a few times a week. If it happens more frequently than this the sectors where the errors are occurring should be checked to see if cer- tain cylinders on the pack, spots on the carriage of the drive or heads are indicated. hk%d: lost interrupt. A timer watching the controller detected no inter- rupt for an extended period while an operation was outstanding. This indicates a hardware or software failure. There is currently a hard- ware/software problem with spinning down drives while they are being accessed which causes this error to occur. The error causes a UNIBUS reset, and retry of the pending operations. If the controller continues to lose interrupts, this error will recur a few seconds later.
vax/hp(4), vax/uda(4), vax/up(4), syslogd(8)
The hk driver appeared in 4.1BSD.
The write(2) function scribbles on the tail of incomplete blocks. DEC-standard error logging should be supported. A program to analyze the logged error information (even in its present reduced form) is needed. The partition tables for the file systems should be read off of each pack, as they are never quite what any single installation would prefer, and this would make packs more portable. The RK07 g partition size in rk.c disagrees with that in /etc/disktab. NetBSD 10.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 10.99
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