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ENVCTRL(4)          NetBSD/sparc64 Kernel Interfaces Manual         ENVCTRL(4)

envctrl -- Sun Ultra Enterprise 450 environmental monitoring
envctrl* at ebus?
The envctrl driver provides thermal monitoring of processors and power supplies, as well as automatic fan regulation. The driver attaches to the SUNW,envctrl subsystem found on Ultra Enterprise 450 systems. The following sensors can be queried with envstat(8): Sensor Units Description CPU0 degC Processor 0 temperature CPU1 degC Processor 1 temperature CPU2 degC Processor 2 temperature CPU3 degC Processor 3 temperature PS0 degC Power supply 0 temperature PS1 degC Power supply 1 temperature PS2 degC Power supply 2 temperature ambient degC Ambient temperature cpufan voltage V Voltage used to drive processor fans psfan voltage V Voltage used to drive power supply fans ps failed count number of failed power supplies fans failed count number of failed fans
envsys(4), envstat(8)
The envctrl driver first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
Tobias Nygren <tnn@NetBSD.org>
The driver doesn't support SUNW,envctrltwo found on the Ultra Enterprise 250. Environmental interrupts are not supported. NetBSD 10.99 April 14, 2007 NetBSD 10.99
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