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MCCLOCK(4)              NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual             MCCLOCK(4)

mcclock -- DS1287 real-time clock
algor mcclock* at isa? port 0x70 alpha mcclock* at gbus? offset ? mcclock* at ioasic? offset ? mcclock* at isa? port 0x70 mcclock* at jensenio? port ? arc mcclock* at jazzio? evbmips mcclock* at isa? port 0x70 pmax mcclock* at ibus0 addr ? mcclock* at ioasic? offset ? sgimips mcclock* at mace0 offset 0x3a0000
The mcclock driver provides support for the DS1287 real-time clock (RTC). Note that the kernel expects the RTC to run in UTC.
intro(4), ioasic(4), isa(4) NetBSD 10.99 September 18, 2001 NetBSD 10.99
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