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CPI(4)              NetBSD/mac68k Kernel Interfaces Manual              CPI(4)

cpi -- parallel printer driver for Creative Systems Inc. Hurdler CPI Nubus card
cpi* at nubus? flags 0x1
The cpi interface provides access to parallel printer ports.
The cpi driver supports the following flags for use in config(1) files: bit 0: use the CIO counters 1 and 2 as a 32 bit timecounter(9).
The cpi interface supports the Creative Systems Inc. Hurdler CPI Nubus card, which is based on a Zilog Z8536 CIO. The parallel port on the Hurdler CPI card is wired as follows: Signal SubD pin Z8536 pin Z8536 signal /STROBE Strobe 1 22 PC3 D0 2 33 PA0 D1 3 32 PA1 D2 4 31 PA2 D3 5 30 PA3 D4 6 29 PA4 D5 7 28 PA5 D6 8 27 PA6 D7 9 26 PA7 /ACK 10 21 + 11 PC2 + PB3 BUSY 11 19 + 14 PC0 + PB6 PE Paper Error 12 20 PC1 SEL Select 13 13 PB5 /AUTOFD Auto Feed 14 12 PB4 /FAULT 15 9 PB1 /RESET 16 8 PB0 /SELIN Select In 17 10 PB2 The Z8536 INT line (pin 24) is wired to PB7 (pin 15).
lpt(4), mac68k/autoconf(4), nubus(4), printcap(5), timecounter(9) IEEE Standard 1284-1994
cpi first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
The cpi driver was written by Hauke Fath <hauke@NetBSD.org>.
The Hurdler CPI Nubus card does not use a TTL buffer to drive the paral- lel interface. Instead, the card's Z8536 CIO drives the printer port directly. Printers terminating the parallel interface with less than 2 kOhms may cause permanent damage to the Z8536 CIO. NetBSD 10.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 10.99
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