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VCHIQ(4)                NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual               VCHIQ(4)

vchiq -- Broadcom VideoCore Host Interface device driver
vchiq* at simplebus? vchiq* at acpi?
The vchiq driver provides support for the VideoCore 4 GPU messaging interface in Broadcom SoCs found in boards such as the Raspberry Pi. Libraries in pkgsrc provide OpenGL ES support and video decoding acceler- ation for the VideoCore 4 using the /dev/vchiq interface exposed to user- land. Audio output support is provided by the kernel through vcaudio(4), which uses this messaging interface to the GPU internally. Debugging information may be obtained reading the device with cat(1). eg: cat /dev/vchiq Information such as slots and usage by particular functions of the Video- Core 4 device are displayed.
cat(1), acpi(4), bcmgpio(4), vcaudio(4), pkgsrc/misc/raspberrypi-userland, pkgsrc/multimedia/omxplayer
The vchiq device driver appeared in NetBSD 7.0.
/dev/vchiq does not follow the standard model for graphical acceleration on Unix-like systems, so applications have to be specially built to take advantage of it. The interface to userland also cannot be exposed by 64-bit or big endian kernels due to problems in the upstream Broadcom code. NetBSD 10.99 December 11, 2021 NetBSD 10.99
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