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DZ(4)                   NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  DZ(4)

dz -- eMIPS console serial device interface
dz* at ebus0 addr ?
This serial line provides a simple communication line with no modem con- trol. It is not adequate for UNIX dialup use. Normal I/O control parameters for individual lines are managed by ioctl(2) calls. Line speeds may be initiated via the ttys(5) file, stty(1) or ifconfig(8) to name a few, see tty(4). The dz driver monitors the rate of input on each board, and switches between the use of character-at-a-time interrupts and input silos. While the silo is enabled during periods of high-speed input, the driver polls for input 30 times per second.
/dev/ttyD0 phys interface.
dz%d: silo overflow . The 1 character input silo overflowed before it could be serviced. This can happen if a hard error occurs when the CPU is running with elevated priority, as the system will then print a mes- sage on the console with interrupts disabled. It is not serious.
stty(1), tty(4), ttys(5), getty(8)
A dz driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0. NetBSD 10.99 July 17, 2010 NetBSD 10.99
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