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DLINFO(3)               NetBSD Library Functions Manual              DLINFO(3)

dlinfo -- information about a dynamically loaded object
(These functions are not in a library. They are included in every dynam- ically linked program automatically.)
#include <link.h> #include <dlfcn.h> int dlinfo(void *handle, int request, void *p);
The dlinfo() function provides information about a dynamically loaded object. The action taken by dlinfo() and exact meaning and type of p argument depend on value of the request argument provided by caller. The handle argument is either the value returned from the dlopen(3) func- tion call or special handle RTLD_SELF. If handle is the value returned from dlopen(3), the information returned by the dlinfo() function per- tains to the specified object. If handle is the special handle RTLD_SELF, the information returned pertains to the caller itself. Possible values for the request argument are: RTLD_DI_LINKMAP Retrieve the pointer to the Link_map for the specified handle. On successful return, the p argument is filled with the pointer to the Link_map structure (Link_map **p) describing a shared object specified by the handle argument. The Link_map struc- tures are maintained as a doubly linked list by ld.so(1), in the same order as dlopen(3) and dlclose(3) are called. The Link_map structure is defined in <link.h> and has the fol- lowing members: caddr_t l_addr; /* Base Address of library */ #ifdef __mips__ caddr_t l_offs; /* Load Offset of library */ #endif const char *l_name; /* Absolute Path to Library */ void *l_ld; /* Pointer to .dynamic in memory */ struct link_map *l_next, /* linked list of mapped libs */ *l_prev; l_addr The base address of the object loaded into mem- ory. l_name The absolute pathname of the loaded shared object. l_ld The address of the dynamic linking information segment (PT_DYNAMIC) loaded into memory. l_next The next Link_map structure on the link-map list. l_prev The previous Link_map structure on the link-map list.
The dlinfo() function returns 0 on success, or -1 if an error occurred. Whenever an error has been detected, a message detailing it can be retrieved via a call to dlerror(3).
Using dlinfo() to retrieve Link_map structure. The following example shows how dynamic library can detect the list of shared libraries loaded after caller's one. For simplicity, error check- ing has been omitted. Link_map *map; dlinfo(RTLD_SELF, RTLD_DI_LINKMAP, &map); while (map != NULL) { printf("%p: %s\n", map->l_addr, map->l_name); map = map->l_next; }
rtld(1), dladdr(3), dlopen(3), dlsym(3)
The dlinfo() function first appeared in the Solaris operating system. In NetBSD, it first appeared in NetBSD 5.1.
The NetBSD implementation of the dlinfo() function was written by Antti Kantee <pooka@NetBSD.org>. The manual page for this function was written by Alexey Zelkin <phantom@FreeBSD.org> and adapted to NetBSD by Kamil Rytarowski <kamil@NetBSD.org>. NetBSD 10.99 January 13, 2020 NetBSD 10.99
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